Jeremy N. Smith

“Bright, vibrant, and buoyantly accessible, this effervescent celebration of the local food movement thrums with regional, national, and international implications.”

—Booklist, in a starred review of Growing a Garden City


I’m Jeremy N. Smith, a writer and freelance journalist based in Missoula, Montana. My work has appeared in Gourmet and Saveur, the Christian Science Monitor and the Chicago Tribune, Research View and World Trade, High Country News and Montana Magazine, and elsewhere.

My book Growing a Garden City combines color photographs, personal narratives, and how-to sections to tell surprising, inspiring true stories of personal and civic transformation through local food, farms, and gardens.

“Hooray for the good green thumbs of the Garden City,” Bill McKibben writes in his foreword to the book. “May their example continue to spread far and wide. We’ve never needed it more badly, or wanted it as much!”

On this site you’ll find a portfolio of my writing and information about my teaching and talks, special events, biography, and how to make contact.

I also curate The Eerily-Accurate 8-Ball, which knows all and sees all.

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